GameRE Android v1.0

GameRE has been released for Android.

Have you ever wanted to play a game, but didn’t know which one to get? Did you want to play an RPG or Racing Sim, but were looking for something a little different than you currently have? Now you can enter the title of a game you like and get a list of similar games available for your enjoyment.

Key Features:
– Find games similar to the one entered
– View in depth information on each game
– View reviews on newer games

EMF Hunter iOS v1.0

EMF Hunter 1.0 has been released on the Apple App Store. iTunes download
User your phone as an EMF (electromagnetic field) detector. This app uses the power of your phones internal compass to detect magnetic and electric fluctuations in the environment around you.
This is perfect for people looking to detect magnetic fields: teachers, students, technophiles, and even Ghost hunters!
This app is not intended to be a scientific instrument, and it’s readings are subject to external conditions and the accuracy of the device’s internal compass.

LunarFox iOS v1.0

LunarFox 1.0 has been released on the Apple App Store. iTunes download
The solar system is embroiled in war. An alien menace has taken base on Mars, and they are determined to destroy the Earth. They are sending weapons and troops to attack us. We only have one hope of stopping them. At our lunar base there’s a secret weapon. That secret weapon is you, LUNARFOX!
Control LUNARFOX against waves of oncoming missiles, asteroids, and alien threats. You only need to survive each level to defeat the alien menace and protect humanity.
Play this exciting space arcade shooter!