GameRE Android v2.0

GameRE Android  updated to version 2.0 

Version 2 is massive redesign of the application, including:

  • New UI design
  • Includes recently reviewed games
    • The review score and written review
    • Watch video trailers of games
  •  Upcoming game releases
    • Expected release date
    • Learn more about the game
    • Watch video previews of games
  • Ability to search for specific game, giving you more information about it.
  • Save games to your library for easy access later
  • Share a game via email or sms

It’s a great update!

GameRE iOS v3.1

GameRE has been updated to support iOS 9 and large screen iPhone; iPhone 6 and newer models.  Library scrolling has also been changed to vertical scrolling instead of horizontal scrolling.

iOS Updates:

  • iOS 9 support
  • iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s+ support

GameRE iOS v3.0

GameRE has been updated for support with iOS 8.  It also includes a newly designed layout to make it easier to see reviews, game information, search for games, and save the games you are most interested in.

As part of the newly designed layout, an upcoming games tab has been added.  This shows the new games soon to come out and lists there release date, if it exists (some games may not yet have a defined release date).

iOS Updates:

  • Updated for iOS 8
  • Added upcoming releases tab
  • New Layout

GameRE Android v1.0

GameRE has been released for Android.

Have you ever wanted to play a game, but didn’t know which one to get? Did you want to play an RPG or Racing Sim, but were looking for something a little different than you currently have? Now you can enter the title of a game you like and get a list of similar games available for your enjoyment.

Key Features:
– Find games similar to the one entered
– View in depth information on each game
– View reviews on newer games