EMF Hunter Android v1.0

EMF Hunter has been released on Android.


EMF Hunter
This app is intended for entertainment purposes only.

This app supports devices with an internal compass.

User your phone as an EMF (electromagnetic field) detector. This app uses the power of your phones internal compass to detect magnetic and electric fluctuations in the environment around you.

This is perfect for people looking to detect magnetic fields: teachers, students, technophiles, and even Ghost hunters!

This app is not intended to be a scientific instrument, and it’s readings are subject to external conditions and the accuracy of the device’s internal compass.
* Detects the strength of magnetic fields in all three dimensions
* Easy to read meter lets you gauge with a simple look the strength of fields in different directions
* Light up LED icons display showing field strength, the more LED icons that light up, the more force there is
* Graph view shows the changing values of the field from all three dimensions
* Ability to start and pause detection
* Magnetic force is calculated in microteslas