Sheepshead iOS v1.2 And Android v1.3 updates

The Sheepshead app has received some signifiant updates over the last few months.  I feel this has greatly improved the playability of the game, making it a much more immersive and realistic experience, since you get less WTF??!? moments from the AI.

General Updates:

  • Improved AI – better picking and card playing
  • Three handed play mode
  • Multiple scoring types – Single and double on the bump
  • Tournament play mode – 10 games, with a winner declared at the end
  • Game statistics – see number of hands played/won/lost among many other stats
  • Knocking/Cracking/Rapping

iOS Updates:

  • GameCenter Leaderboard for Highest Score
  • GameCenter Achievements for scoring and taking tricks
  • Offline caching (after loading the game the first time, you no longer need an active internet connection to play)

Android Updates:

  • Ability to remove ads with in-app purchase


The app can be download at

Apple App Store: iTunes download

Android Play Store: Play download