Sheepshead iOS v1.4

This is an update to the iOS client to support iOS 9 and the larger screen sizes of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ and newer models of phone. It also includes quick actions from the home screen, which are available for iPhone models supporting force touch.   iOS Updates: iOS 9 compatibility updates 6s/6s+… Continue reading Sheepshead iOS v1.4

Sheepshead iOS v1.3

  A tournament mode has been added to Sheepshead, alongside iOS updates to support it.  A tournament consists of 10 hands, after which a final winner is declared.  When playing a tournament, exiting back to the title screen will cause it to be canceled.  Anything that happens during a tournament will not affect the main… Continue reading Sheepshead iOS v1.3

Sheepshead iOS v1.2 And Android v1.3 updates

The Sheepshead app has received some signifiant updates over the last few months.  I feel this has greatly improved the playability of the game, making it a much more immersive and realistic experience, since you get less WTF??!? moments from the AI. General Updates: Improved AI – better picking and card playing Three handed play mode… Continue reading Sheepshead iOS v1.2 And Android v1.3 updates

GameRE iOS v3.0

GameRE has been updated for support with iOS 8.  It also includes a newly designed layout to make it easier to see reviews, game information, search for games, and save the games you are most interested in. As part of the newly designed layout, an upcoming games tab has been added.  This shows the new… Continue reading GameRE iOS v3.0

Disc Golf Score Keeper iPhone Release

Disc Golf Score Keeper has been released on the Apple App Store iTunes download A webapp version for mobile devices also exists.Disc Golf Score Keeper ——————————– Description ——————————– User your phone to keep track of your score on the course. Easily quit and resume games. Keep track of your “Parnado F-Level”. Use the build in course… Continue reading Disc Golf Score Keeper iPhone Release

EMF Hunter Android v1.0

EMF Hunter has been released on Android.   ————- EMF Hunter ————- This app is intended for entertainment purposes only. This app supports devices with an internal compass. ————- Description ————- User your phone as an EMF (electromagnetic field) detector. This app uses the power of your phones internal compass to detect magnetic and electric… Continue reading EMF Hunter Android v1.0